Fundraising Tips

We offer a new concept,

with an entirely new approach to raising funds. Please take a moment to review the tips listed below so you can make the most of your efforts. Our goal is to help you reach your financial needs so that you can reduce or eliminate the need for multiple fundraiser’s.



Set a goal!

Every fundraiser needs to have a reason, a goal and a timeframe. NO ONE wants to participate in an ambiguous effort that lasts forever.

Reason: “We are raising money to attend a tournament in August”. Whatever the reason, be as specific as possible.

Goal: You can choose a group goal or a goal for each individual in your group. Depending on the type of group, individual goals can seem more attainable. For example, if you have 20 kids on your team, set a goal for each kid to sign up 3 couples. That’s $300 per child or $6,000.

Deadline: Choose a start date and ending date. Don’t worry, if you need more money, you can always extend your fundraiser.

Promote the Positives

one Every couple that attends a presentation will earn $100 for your group, PLUS a very nice vacation for themselves. Depending on the location, there are plenty of rewards from which to choose.


One Easy Fundraiser can eliminate other more time consuming fundraiser’s; saving parents time, effort and money.
three Participants can earn up to $100 while learning how to stay on a beachfront resort in Hawaii for a fraction of the retail cost. Sounds better than selling cookie dough or washing cars!



Utilize your ground force.

teacher coach parents


Teachers, coaches and other parents are your best resource for a successful fundraiser! They have the most contact with parents. Word of mouth and subtle reminders will make your fundraiser successful. To help raise money for classrooms, teachers can have a friendly competition between other classrooms in the same grade. The winning classroom in each grade will receive a prize such as a pizza party, field trip, homeroom supplies, etc. Best of all, we supply these prizes! Host a parent meeting. Nothing is more convincing than hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Invite one of our staff members to attend a parent meeting to answer questions and sign people up on the spot. This helps alleviate any concerns and rallies the parents to participate.




Go outside your organization

Go outside your organization. This fundraiser isn’t just for people within your organization; teachers, staff, friends and family are also eligible to help you earn $100 per qualified couple. Remember, each discovery preview equals more money for you.

Combine Events/Fundraiser’s.

By piggy backing events, you are increasing your chance for success. Games, practices, dinners, events or other fundraiser’s are great channels to reach more parents and raise more money.

Personal contact.

While flyers are great for relaying information, nothing beats direct personal contact. Talk to parents, make a few phone calls or send an email. If they know you are totally behind this fundraiser and endorse its attributes, you will get all the support you need.


Attend a presentation yourself.

If you don’t register to attend a presentation, why should anyone else? Make sure you are the first to attend, that way you can offer first hand information to anyone in your group.