Kimber Ridge Charter High

We are very happy with our results using One Easy Fundraiser this year and can’t wait to ramp up for next year! Thanks again,

-Lori Williams - Charter School Booster President 

Battleground High School Band

One Easy Fundraiser has been really good, it certainly was a painless way to earn a lot of money. Thanks for showing us this opportunity. Thanks again,

-Fred Holtz - Booster President 

Crest Valley High School

My parents went to the presentation by the hotel and they were very impressed with the young lady that did the presentation.  They would highly recommend people to be go and participate in what the hotel had to offer.  Thank you. Have a nice day.

-Barbara Smith - Booster Member 

Highland Lacrosse

I just got back from the Marriott resort, It was just great! They are very professional, beautiful resort and we had great time out there. ..Thank very much for the opportunity!

-Rani Shoura - Team Parent 

Pinnacle Soccer

I will definitely be informing our team of the program.  It is everything promised and more. Thanks so much for helping our team find a better solution to meet our needs. Thank you,

-Greg McDermott - Parent 

Arsenals Premier Girls

My Daughters dance team has taken advantage of the opportunity that ONE EASY FUNDRAISER has to offer in raising funds to help defer some costs for the 2006-2007 season.  What the fundraiser offers is a win-win situation for all involved, which is a pleasant break from the ordinary task of going around and asking for donations. I have been dealing with Anthony Calderon who has been most pleasant and helpful in answering questions and making sure the contact person for the actual registration was done in a timely matter.  I would like to thank all those involved who organized this fund raiser and for supporting local teams with this offer.

-Bonnie Miller - Parent 

Mesa Community College

I attended the Marriot Canyon Villas Resort presentation today. I am pleased to tell you that the presentation was just as you described, pleasant and comfortable. I’ll now tell my friends about it. They were very pleasant about everything and the manager personally came over to thank us for our participation.  We were very impressed.

-Mark Whitis - Parent 

Desert Mountain High School Band

The experience was exactly as promised and they offer a quality product. Because of my testimonial, we sent an email to all Booster members explaining what a great deal this is. In addition, I am starting to refer organizations. Thanks so much!

-Fred Holtz - Booster President