How It Works


Advertisers spend billions each year in the hopes of gaining both your attention and your loyalty. Imagine if a portion of this money went to support education, youth activities and community programs. What a difference that would make. While we can’t promise billions, we have found a way to redirect thousands of advertising dollars to support youth and community organizations.


We have partnered with one of the top full service host travel agencies in the country that is looking to provide additional resources to the community. In lieu of spending money on radio, television or print, participating full service travel agencies will contribute $100 per qualified couple and $50 per single that attends a travel seminar.


In addition, every couple or single that participates will receive a great thank you gift just for taking the time to discover the world of travel opportunities.  Gifts vary by location, but it is safe to say that the gift is well worth the effort!


Interested, but feeling overwhelmed?  We’ve made it easy!



That's It! $100 will be contributed to your fundraiser in your name!


You Keep Your Thank You Gift! And we’re sure you’ll tell friends and family to attend, as well as other groups in need of funds. The more people that participate, the more money you raise!