We are an education-based support group that offers a creative funding channel for schools, youth groups, sports teams and community organizations. One Easy Fundraiser offers parents a positive alternative to product sales and car washes. In a joint effort with one of the top full service host travel agencies in the country, we have established the most effective channel to raise money. Each group is eligible for up to 50,000 per year– so don’t be afraid to put away the cookie dough!

In lieu of spending marketing dollars on TV and radio, our full service host travel agency will allocate advertising dollars in support of youth and neighborhood organizations throughout community. As an alternative to standard fundraisers that take more time and effort than the benefits received, with our fundraiser, couples attend an informative discovery preview at a participating travel agency location in Citrus Heights, CA, San Jose, CA. or Rancho Cucamonga, CA. For each qualified preview, couples receive $100 towards their fundraiser and the couple walks away with a vacation on us!  It’s that easy!


Our Community Partner is one of the most respected full service host travel agencies in the country, and offer world-class vacation opportunities. One Easy Fundraiser is used as an alternative marketing solution to reach couples interested in vacationing and traveling, while helping their organization raise funds. Discovery Previews are approximately 90-minutes where participants will learn about low cost travel opportunities and everything it has to offer! YOU WILL BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!

Please note that this is not a Timeshare offer.